Koh Chang Transportation

Koh Chang is such a beautiful place to hang out that is home to several birds, white sandy beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, mountains and many more adventures in line. It was decidedly less known to the world until the World War II, but today it had gained immense recognition for its exotic beaches, pleasant environment, backpackers and adventure sports for which people from all across the world plan a trip once in their lifetime from their busy lifestyle. It being best tourism spot of Thailand is today well known for their economic growth which offers the best accommodation to its visitors in high-class resorts, low budget hotels, some bungalows, and few guesthouses that took the place of old huts.

Best Transportation to Get Around Koh Chang

When around Koh Chang any traveller who wishes to explore the places of Koh Chang from nearby locality can avail any of these four available Transportation options that work best for them:

  1. Public Bus: It is one of the cheapest but slowest modes of public transportation that every traveller can opt, but may take a long time to reach the desired destination when densely crowded with both locals and visitors.

  2. Flights: It is one of the fastest modes of transportation which is bit expensive. The visitor who is wealthy enough and can bare the airfare can choose this option. But the one who needs to contend with the hassle of hanging around an airport will benefit the most from this transportation.

  3. Shared Minibus: It is one of the most frequently used transportation service in Koh Chang by locals for their livelihood on a daily basis. This kind of service is usually offered by most of the hotels to get around their nearby places that are genuinely affordable, safe and best transportation to get around in Koh Chang.

  4. Private Transfer by Car or Minibus: It is one of the fastest modes of transportation in Koh Chang. It is very convenient and direct option to reach any tourist spot. One can conclude from any place to the remote tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is one of the safest transports that come in your budget from the available ones. Whether you're planning a luxury vacation or backpacking on a shoestring budget, this transportation is undoubtedly going to be a perfect island transfer for you!

The Minibus is very safe to travel to reach any place in Koh Chang. Almost all the minibuses are fitted with GPS trackers that drive with speed of 90km per hour and report their activities to government Land Transportation office. With the swiping technology, the drivers need to swipe at the time of starting point and once they reach their destination. If they crossed the maximum speed, then they are fined for some money. The currency in Thailand is known as Bhatt.

So get ready and pack your bags to explore the place of Koh Chang in Thailand that houses many beautiful white sandy beaches which are perfect for relaxing from daily routine life. Whether you are in Koh Chang to enjoy your personal vacation or visiting on a business trip avail best transportation facilities that are offered from the available ones. It should be 100% safe and come within your budget for hassle-free travelling to reach on time.